Christmas Make-up

Hey friends,

i just tested a type of make-up for Christmas. It’s based on: bordeaux lipstick (long lasting) and an outline of the eyes, with a black eyeliner; of course i have a havy foundation, powder and blush, but these stuff are like basic for everyone and i am not going to put an accent on this.

SO, let’s get back to eyes and lips: every girl or woman should have at least one shade of red lipstick and one eyeliner in her make-up bag!!! It’s easyer to go from a natural look to a classy/sexy one.

Some days i am going to the office with just foundation and blush on my face BUT if i am going somewhere fancy after work, it take me 5 minutes to apply dark eyeliner and a red lipstick.

Advice: Before you put lipstick on, use a concealer on the lips; it’s going to last longer.






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